Being Green


Lisa is on vacation this week, so I’ll be updating the blog in her absence. We apologize to everyone who came out to see our talk on Saturday. Due to the rain showers, we had to cancel, but we hope to reschedule soon. On Sunday and Monday, the UPH Projects team applied the final green acrylic paint layers, and Lady Liberty looks fantastic! As Lisa mentioned in an earlier blog, the color was chosen based on the color of Lady Liberty on Bedloe’s Island. Some of you may wonder why she looks different from her big sister. The Bedloe’s Island Liberty is made from copper alloy sheeting, which has developed the green patina over time through a chemical reaction of the metal with the atmosphere. It is actually a stable green colored corrosion layer that has formed on her surface, and there is some natural mottling in color. The Brooklyn Museum Liberty is made from zinc and galvanized steel sheeting that was then painted to achieve the desired color imitating the lady in the harbor. As the paint surface weathers, it will also become more mottled. We’ll be putting the finished touches on during the next few days so check back soon for some final pictures.