A Place at the Table

On May 19th, an amazing group of women came and celebrated the Center at the event, “A Place at the Table” and it was a huge success! A special thanks to Susan Grabel, and the entire core group of women involved in making the entire night possible with their dedication and heartfelt support. The filming of the event was produced and directed by Niki DiCesare, of Bella Films and shot and edited by Omar Villegas. Below is a video of the event if you would like to share in our celebration, or go to www.bellafilmsinc.com, for more information.

“Our A Place at the Table celebration on May 19, 2007 at the Brooklyn Museum was a huge success – lots of fun, good turnout, good camaraderie, good spirit. We celebrated Elizabeth A. Sackler and the Brooklyn Museum and Maura Reilly and Melissa Messina for breaking down another barrier to the full appreciation of the contributions of Feminism, Feminist Art and all women artists to our culture. And hey – Feminist Art in a major museum! That’s what we’ve been working towards all these years!” —Susan Grabel, A Place at the Table

Produced and Directed by Nicole DiCesare
Shot and Cut by Omar Villegas