First Saturday Photo Wrap-Up

As I am busily preparing for this month’s Target First Saturday, it’s a perfect time to reflect on last month’s, when we kicked off our special exhibition Who Shot Rock and Roll with a showcase of indie bands from the Brooklyn scene, curated by indie show organizer Todd Patrick, aka Todd P. As I discussed in my earlier post, in the spirit of the exhibition we wanted to highlight photography as well as music. I was excited to have the opportunity to invite local photographers to come and shoot the bands and post their photos to our Flickr stream so they could be viewed by us all and commented on by acclaimed rock photographer Bob Gruen.

As I posted on various Flickr groups and reached out to different photographers in preparation for the event I wasn’t sure how many people would actually show up. I was so delighted when, as the Beets prepared to go on stage, I looked out at the assembled crowd and saw a whole pack of enthusiastic photographers looking back at me, cameras at the ready. I felt a flush of pride and a jitter of nerves that our idea actually worked. That feeling continued throughout the evening as Grass Widow and the Crystal Stilts played and the shutter clicked in time to the music.

The results were breathtaking! It was wonderful to see the photos in our Flickr group of the Museum looking so rock and roll.  Bob Gruen has taken a good look at the photos as well and contributed his feedback on the discussion board and here’s a slideshow of Bob’s picks below. Thank you again to all the photographers who participated for sharing your work with us!